Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber strapping

Are your walls moving? Bowed basement or foundation walls occur as a result of hydrostatic pressure pushing against the wall. Compounded with depth and other factors a well as the lateral forces surpass the foundation’s original resistance to these loads. Over time, these factors can produce lateral loads and the foundation wall becomes bowed. This condition also produces significant cracking. If left unattended this condition will worsen with time jeopardizing both the structural integrity and resale value of the property.

ProTech Basement Solutions can fix your bowed basement walls using the latest carbon-fiber technology. We use carbon-fiber kevlar grid straps in combination with specifically designed structural epoxies, to reinforce bowed basement walls with no loss of living space. The repaired bowed basement wall can then be painted creating an almost invisible repair, and increasing the aesthetic appeal of your basement.

ProTech’s carbon-fiber reinforcement offers multiple advantages:

  • Projects typically completed in one day
  • No loss of living space
  • Excavation typically not necessary
  • No maintenance required
  • Finished product is nearly invisible
  • Finished product is paintable
  • Structurally bonds entire wall