What causes a leaking basement?

Water can seep into your basement through cracks in the walls or floor, but there are plenty of other places it can break through. Look for weak spots around your basement, such as mortar joints (spaces between bricks or concrete blocks), the junctures where the walls meet the floor (known as a cove joint), the top of the foundation, or window wells. Also, check for leaky plumbing.

Why should I care about basement waterproofing?

A wet basement might seem like a small problem, but it can lead to much bigger ones. A leaking basement, or a basement that generates a lot of moisture, can attract toxic black mold or cause structural damage to your home’s foundation. A leaky basement also runs the risk of ruining anything you store in the basement, increasing the risk of black mold. Basement waterproofing can stabilize your home’s property value and provide great peace of mind. Visit our basement waterproofing page for more information.

Will the waterproofing get rid of the mold?

To get rid of mold, you need to eliminate the moisture. No company can guarantee the elimination of mold. We do, however eliminate the cause of mold, which is the moisture, as well as address the symptoms, such as odor.

What is that white chalky substance on the walls?

Efflorescence. Concrete is made of three materials, stone, lime and cement. What you are seeing is a chemical breakdown of the bonding agent that holds your wall together. The water that is inside of your foundation wall will, over time, leech the lime cement out of the wall, leaving nothing to hold it together.

My basement is finished. Will it be ruined after the work is complete?

In a majority of cases, we can fix your basement with minimal impact on the living space.

Can work be done in the winter?

ProTech can provide services year round.

When will the job start?

We are flexible to accommodate our customers' needs. If your basement needs immediate attention, we will come out as soon as possible.

How much of a mess will be created?

ProTech prides itself on leaving the space as clean as possible after the job is complete. There will only be minimal clean up required.

Is the warranty transferable?

Yes, the warranty is fully transferable to future homeowners.

Can you provide references in my area?

Absolutely. Additionally, you can find references and testimonials here.