Slab Crack Repair


Do you have cracks in your driveways, garages, basement floors or commercial warehouse floors?

Cracking in concrete slabs occur for a variety of reasons, most typically resulting from concrete shrinkage and expansion, or unbalanced soil movement. One of the key ingredients in concrete is water. Additional water is added to make the placement of the concrete easier. Once placed, the concrete begins to cure and water will be absorbed into the substrate and evaporate into the air. Shrinkage cracks will occur during this process. These types of cracks usually appear during the first 12 months and can appear as soon as one hour after the concrete has been placed in very warm conditions.


The proper way to repair concrete slabs is using a self-leveling structural epoxy. Once cured, it has a tensile strength over 4000psi, making cracked concrete a thing of the past.  This is a fast setting epoxy, sets up in 15 minutes and available for traffic in 60 minutes. ProTech can provide a permanent solution to your cracked concrete at pennies of the cost of replacement and little or no downtime! Use on any cracked concrete surface, basement slabs, garage floors, driveways, commercial floors and more.  This is the permanent solution to cracked concrete!